MS Supply Chain Management Sample Course Schedule

The following courses are usually scheduled as follows:

Dept#Course TitleFallSpringSummer
630606B2B MarketingYesYesYes
799586Operations AnalysisYesYes 
799610Supply Chain Management StrategiesYesYesYes
799618Global Procurement and Supply ManagementYesYes 
799639Supply Chain Risk and Disruption ManagementYes  
799643Demand ManagementYesYes 
799637ERP/SAP I YesYes
799680Supply Chain Trends Yes 
799689Supply Chain Law and GovernanceYesYes 
799690Lean Six SigmaYes  
799693Project ManagementYesYes 
799694Supply Chain FinanceYes Yes
799698Global Logistics ManagementYesYes 
799699Supply Chain SustainabilityYes Yes
799TBDDigital Supply Chain Integration*  Yes
799TBDGlobal Manufacturing Strategy*   

* New classes that will be offered in the future.

For more information, please contact:

Rudolf Leuschner, Assistant Professor, Supply Chain Management