Rutgers Master of Quantitative Finance Program turns 20

The Rutgers Master of Quantitative Finance marks its 20th Anniversary this year, a milestone marked by a steady climb in rankings, a rich diversity of students and an alumni network that stretches around the world. In the two decades that have passed since Rutgers pioneered the specialty master’s program, 640 students have graduated and gone on to take a variety of jobs at some of the world’s leading companies. There may be no better way to measure the quality and success of the program than to show the paths its alumni have taken with the skills they gained in the program. Take a look at the sampling below, which spans the life of the Rutgers MQF program.

Philip Caccamise

Completed MQF Program: 2002

He was part of the first class of Master of Quantitative Finance students.

Master of Quantitative Finance alumnus Philip Caccamise
Philip Caccamise

Current position: Consultant with large asset management firm.

Location: Newport Beach, California

How did the MQF program impact his career trajectory: “I truly believe it accelerated it. Out of the gate, I had a lot more skills than my counterparts. I moved from an analyst position to a senior associate and then a junior vice president, in about five years which is really fast.”

Who left an impression on you during your time as a student? “Professor Ivan Brick. He was an effective teacher and researcher and a wonderful man who I’ll never forget.”


Anthony Shu Lieu

Completed MQF Program: 2006

Employer: KPMG LLP

Location: New York City

Master of Quantitative Finance alumnus Anthony Lieu.
Anthony Lieu

Current role: Director

Day to Day: Leads financial instrument-related valuation and controls test work at many of the firm’s largest audit clients, which include some of the world’s largest banks and financial institutions. Also works on projects related to hot topics through the financial industry, including things like the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on financial markets and the LIBOR transition.

How did the MQF program impact his career trajectory: “At the time I started my career, the technical skills and market knowledge that I gained during the program were very much sought after. What I learned helped me to start my career with the ability to contribute right away because of the relevant skills and techniques I learned in the program. There was also a significant amount of support from the career center and exposure to market practitioners both as professors and guest speakers that helped to form useful connections.”

Locations where MQF alumni are working in the U.S.
Alumni of the Rutgers MQF Program are located at companies across the nation.


Isuru Wijeyaratne 

Completed MQF Program: 2011

Employer: TD Securities

Rutgers Master of Quantitative Finance celebrates 20th Anniversary.
Isuru Wijeyaratne 

Current role: Treasury risk manager

How did the MQF program impact his career trajectory: “My background is in computer science and engineering. I was a business analyst working for the world’s largest trading platform developer. It gave me exposure to different markets. That’s what led me to do a graduate program. The MQF program was a place where I was able to dig deeper to understand beyond a fundamental level. It opened new areas of finance to me like risk management.”

What left a lasting impression on you:One of the most amazing and unique qualities of the Rutgers MQF was how the faculty was with its students. Starting with Professor Yangru Wu, Professor Ivan Brick and the late Professor Francis Ng. They knew the students personally and were very passionate about their growth even after graduation. Thus, going back to Rutgers is like going home." 


Meghana Pisupati

Completed MQF Program: 2016

Employer: Bloomberg

Current role: Structure products modeler

Master of Quantitative Finance alumna Meghana Venkata
Meghana Pisupati

How did the MQF program impact her career trajectory: “I was very much interested in the markets and understanding how everyday fluctuations could impact them. I was interested in analyzing. The MQF program gave me the flexibility to take the courses that I wanted so I could learn more about hedge funds, portfolio management and how to look at a company’s balance sheet. The program helped me realize that I wanted to work in fixed income."

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