Women BUILD includes students from both Rutgers Business School campuses. Seniors graduating in May are pictured.

Women BUILD resumes traditional spring summit

The traditional spring-time summit that celebrates the Women BUILD (Business Undergraduates in Leadership Development) program returned this year after a two-year pause caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

As it has in the past, this year’s summit brought together student members, alumni, faculty, mentors, and corporate sponsors who have enriched one another through relationships formed through the program. The summit was held at Ruth Bader Ginsberg Hall in Newark on April 8.

Rutgers Business School's Women BUILD mentoring program celebrates graduating students with discussion, networking.
A panel of professional women discussed "Rebuilding for the Future: Careers and Community in a Pandemic Transformed World.

A panel of speakers delivered one more dose of career and life insights before the close of the academic year, and the student members who will graduate in May were recognized for their accomplishments – leadership, academic success, and new jobs, among them.

Among the speakers was Professor Petra Christmann, who is also Rutgers Business School's vice dean for faculty affairs and research, and Nicolle Pangis, CEO of Ampersand.

Student Nayara De Assisfortunatoagra participates in the conversation.
Rutgers Business School student Nayara De Assisfortunatoagra participates in the discussion during the annual summit.
Rutgers Business School student Tenille Grant
The summit provided students with a chance to celebrate and another chance to learn from professional women.

“There was a feeling of palpable joy among our students in finally coming together again after the pandemic, and a sense of empowerment knowing that the strong relationships they have forged within this powerful network of women will sustain them into the future,” said Sangeeta Rao, Rutgers Business School’s assistant dean for mentoring programs.

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Graduating senior Sokunnanya Om is congratulated by Rob Kurland, senior associate dean of undergraduate students.
One of the reasons for the summit is to recognize student members who are graduating from Rutgers Business School in May.

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