Business Student Transition at Rutgers Program

Rutgers Business School's Business Student Transition at Rutgers (B-STAR) Program is a highly competitive six-week summer academic and residential bridge program offered by the RBS Office of Diversity Programs. The B-STAR program is a signature program included in the RBS – PLUS (Pathways Leading to Undergraduate Success) diversity programs portfolio.

The B-STAR program is designed to support high-performing and high-potential freshmen minority students who have accepted admission to RBS.

The first tier of the program includes an intensive, six-week, hands-on academic agenda in which selected incoming freshmen have an opportunity to live on campus and take two college courses for full academic credit.

The second tier of the program consists of multi-year follow-up and engagement of the B-STARs. We will provide support services, resources, and opportunities designed to develop the leadership abilities of the program participants as they work towards completion of an undergraduate degree.

How to Apply

The application for 2020 is now available

Program Dates

The program will operate from: early July to mid August.

Deadline to apply: June 1.

Program orientation and residential move: during the first week of July.

Classes begin: during the first week of July.

Application Requirements

  • Acceptance to RBS
  • B-STAR Program Application
  • Updated Resume
  • Personal Essay (minimum 500 words) that thoroughly discusses the following questions:
    • What are the top three reasons why you are studying business in college?
    • How will earning a college degree in business benefit me, my family, and my community?
    • What are your goals and where do you see yourself in 10 years?
  • Non EOF Student *
  • Interview

*Successful candidates must also test into English 101 and must not be eligible to participate in Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF) programming.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to apply for the program?

The B-STAR Program is open to qualified minority students from historically underserved and disadvantaged backgrounds/circumstances who have accepted admission to RBS. If you think you may be eligible, please apply.

What courses will I take as a B-STAR program participant?

All program participants will take:

Management Information Systems (623), a microcomputer-based course that provides a comprehensive understanding of computer systems and application software.

English Composition (355), a course that calls for analytical writing based on non-fiction readings. Students are expected to develop a critical understanding of argument, both in the recognition of the strategies of other writers and in the effective management of their own.

How many students will be admitted to the B-STAR program?

This highly competitive program has up to 20 openings for qualified students. Space is limited and eligible applicants will be admitted on a first-come, first-served basis, so apply early!

How much will it cost for me to attend the program?

Tuition is valued at approximately $5,000 per student. Except for a $125 deposit, students eligible for the RBS B-STAR freshman summer bridge program will have all of their expenses covered by a B-STAR Program Scholarship. The deposit will be refunded in September to students who complete the program.

Why should I attend the B-STAR freshman summer bridge program?

In addition to earning college credits prior to the start of the fall semester, the small cohort experience is invaluable. You will be living and learning with a small group of students from similar backgrounds, and with staff and students who will work with you to make the most of your experience.

Contact Us

To learn more about the program, please contact the Office of Diversity Programs at