Pre-College Enrichment Program

Rutgers Business School – Pre-College Enrichment Program (PREP) seeks to aggressively recruit underrepresented high performing candidates from various Newark and Greater Newark area high schools for the purpose of early exposure to Rutgers Business School, careers in business, college level courses, and campus life. After a careful and comprehensive interview process, up to 20 high school juniors will be selected by committee during the fall for participation during spring semester. All RBS – PREP participants will be enrolled in a spring Management Skills course that will meet Saturday mornings. This class will be open to current RBS students as well.

High school student participants will also be paired with an RBS student - tutor/mentor each Saturday for enrichment sessions. During these sessions the tutor/mentors will review class assignments, notes, and work to help answer any questions participants may have. The enrichment sessions will conclude each week with scheduled guest speakers and/or activities meant to highlight and expose participants to student life at Rutgers, RBS, careers in business, life skills and issues surrounding diversity.

Successful completion of the RBS – PREP program will result in the high school juniors earning 3 academic course credits toward completing their undergraduate education should they be admitted to RBS.


Key Objectives

The RBS – PREP Program will:

  • increase RBS's ability to attract highly qualified and motivated underrepresented minority undergraduate students.
  • enroll up to 20 high performing and highly motivated high school juniors per year with the expectation that they will matriculate at RBS after graduation from high school.
  • showcase Rutgers Business School's Newark Campus to Newark and Greater Newark area High School community.
  • introduce various business disciplines, theories and concepts that inform commerce, and familiarizes participants with the universe of possible business careers.
  • give students valuable firsthand experience being in a University environment and expose them to successful student "best practices" by connecting them with current RBS students and Alumni.

Program Benefits

Participation in RBS – PREP will result in several benefits for all parties involved:

  • The program will help build the confidence and self-esteem of the high school students. Moreover, the 3 college credits will provide the "jump start" some students need to encourage pursuit of a college degree at RBS.
  • After completion of the program, participants will have increased awareness of business and the opportunities that business will offer them in the future.
  • The program will encourage interactions between the high school and college students as classmates as well as stimulate meaningful mentor/mentee relationships.
  • The program supports building positive and healthy attitudes towards business, and emphasizes the ethical and social responsibilities of a productive businessperson.
  • The interaction and collaboration between high school students, parents, Rutgers students, instructors, and local business professionals will aid in the building of long lasting relationships between Rutgers students and the community.
  • Parents will learn more about the premiere educational opportunities being offered in their own "backyard".
  • The fact that student participation in the program will be determined by a committee will help encourage a more competitive attitude amongst the high school students. By selecting the highest performing and most qualified students each year, parents will also motivate their children to attain higher grades throughout their high school years.
  • The program will continue to allow Rutgers and RBS to attract some of the highest performing students in the area and further facilitate their successful enrollment and matriculation at RBS.

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