The rSBI Certificate in Management Science & Information Systems

The Rutgers Stackable Business Innovation (rSBI) Program

The Department of Management Science & Information Systems is home to the disciplines of Business & Data Analytics, Information Technology and Operations Research. Its faculty teach and do research on data modeling, data mining, reinforcement learning, security and privacy, risk, operations and decision-making.  The department offers education in quantitative, computing, and information technology subjects. It covers information technology, data analysis and decision support, which are becoming more strongly intertwined and are essential components of the modern enterprise. Most modern organizations use computer systems to manage data and operations, analyze data, and support operational decision-making. Business graduates with strong information technology and analytical skills are highly prized, with demand exceeding supply for most of the last decade.

Concentrations & Courses

rSBI Management Science & Information Systems courses are taken during the course of the fall and spring semesters. Note that not all courses are offered every semester.

rSBI Concentrations

View more of the available concentrations. Each academic department manages its own concentrations in the rSBI program.