The rSBI Certificate in Supply Chain Management

The Rutgers Stackable Business Innovation (rSBI) Program

The Department of Supply Chain Management covers the areas of procurement and global sourcing, logistics optimization, distribution and pricing strategies, product and supply chain innovation, labor regulations and contract management, supply chain legal environments, project management, business process design and improvement, quality management, risk analysis and supply chain security, supply chain finance, supply chain analytics, supply chain technologies and healthcare operations. The department offers multidisciplinary education that balances theory and practice in supply chain management to prepare new generations of business graduates to meet future challenges and attain the highest placement rates upon their graduation.

Concentrations & Courses

rSBI Supply Chain Management Concentration courses are taken during the course of the fall and spring semesters. Note that not all courses are offered every semester.

rSBI Concentrations

View more of the available concentrations. Each academic department manages its own concentrations in the rSBI program.