Membership & Benefits

The Rutgers Center for Supply Chain Management offers two categories of membership:

1. Center Members, who are entitled to:

  • Complimentary attendance at our hot-topic summits and workshops.
  • Networking with students, faculty and other member-company executives.
  • Opportunity to have students work on company-initiated projects.
  • Discounted enrollments for the annual certificate program.
  • Participation in our distinguished guest lecture series.
  • Attendance at our year-round research seminar series.
2. Corporate Sponsors, who are entitled to all Center Member benefits, plus:
  • Automatic membership to the Center's Advisory Board of Directors.
  • Input into selection and design of programs offered by the Center, including educational summits and certificate programs.
  • Complimentary enrollments in certificate program and other educational events.


Here's what some of our members have to say about their involvement with the center:

From an industry prospective, corporate sponsorship on the Rutgers Supply Chain Advisory Board has provided us with a valuable opportunity to integrate and explore real-world industry challenges with academic research. The Rutgers Center for Supply Chain Management provides an excellent venue for industry to work as collaboratively as possible and to work collectively with University professors and students.
I want to commend you on the Rutgers Center for Supply Chain Management. Since joining the Center, I have come to realize its importance to businesses in New Jersey. Worldwide competition has made it imperative for global companies to drive out costs in their businesses without impacting their ability to deliver products and services to their customers. Supply chain and associated initiatives are in the forefront of every company's key initiatives to improve their operating abilities and reduce the level of inventories. The Center is providing leadership in this field and enabling companies in different industries to learn from each other and bring different perspectives to common problems. The Center is also developing future leaders in this discipline by sponsoring student projects.
The Rutgers Center for Supply Chain Management serves two very important purposes. First, it gathers top executives in the supply chain field with academics focused on the specific needs of our industry. Because of this, the member companies are better able to face the challenges of a sophisticated, global supply chain. Second, with the support of the Center, Rutgers Business School has developed one of the top supply chain programs in the country. Through exposure to the projects, internships and case studies facilitated by the Center companies, Rutgers Supply Chain degreed students are as prepared as any student in the country when they graduate.
... the Rutgers Supply Chain Management program and the affiliated Center for Supply Chain Management have delivered significant value to Supply Chain professionals in the New Jersey area. The Supply Chain Certificate programs have delivered high quality education and development to participants, the Industry Best Practices Summit meetings have facilitated information sharing and networking opportunities amongst professionals who attend, and the high quality student professionals who have graduated from the program have added much value for their respective firms.