Program Schedule

Corporate Social Responsibility Certificate Program
Wednesday, October 16, 2019
Location: Robert Treat Hotel
6:30-8:00 PM: Welcome Reception with IEL & RICSI leadership
Thursday, October 17, 2019
Location: Rutgers Business School Rooms 608 & 609

9:00-9:15 AM: Welcome and Conference Overview
Presenter: Joanne Ciulla, Rutgers Business School, Director of the Institute for Ethical Leadership & Professor Management and Global Business

9:15-10:15 AM: CSR Overview: The Business Case
What is CSR/What is not; Valuing CSR
Presenter: Mike Barnett, Rutgers Business School

10:15-10:30 AM: Break

10:30-11:15 AM: CSR and Branding: The Risks
Beware of Consumer Backlash
Presenter: Sonia (Alokparna) Monga, Rutgers Business School

11:15 AM -12:00 PM: The Ethical Case for CSR
Doing the Right Thing for the Right Reasons
Presenter: Joanne Ciulla

12:00-1:00 PM: Lunch

1:00-1:45 PM: CSR and the Law
Understanding the Letter and Spirit of the Law
Moderator: Joanne Ciulla
Presenter Panel: Wayne Eastman, RBS, Supply Chain Management
Patti Russell, RBS Management and Global Business
Doug Eakeley, Rutgers Law

1:45-2:30 PM: Innovative Approaches to CSR
Facilitating Entrepreneurial Ideas for New Initiatives
Presenter: Ted Baker, George F. Farris Chair in Entrepreneurship, Director, Rutgers Institute for the Study of Entrepreneurship & Development

2:30-2:45 PM: Break

2:45-4:15 PM: Implementing CSR: Making Changes for the Better
How to Engage a Diverse Team
Employee Engagement, Communicating ROI, Diversity & Inclusion
Presenter/Moderator: Jeana Wirtenberg, Associate Director, Rutgers Institute for Corporate Social Innovation
Presenter Panel: Holly Bartido, Church and Dwight; Amanda Gardiner, Verizon;
Maureen E. Paukert, BASF

4:15-4:30 PM: Break

4:30-5:45 PM: Breaking Through Barriers
How to Get Beyond Common Challenges
Cases and Break-Out Sessions
Presenter: Noa Gafni, Executive Director of the Rutgers Institute for Corporation Social Innovation

5:45-7:00 PM: Dinner
Location: 15 Washington Street, 2nd Floor

Friday, October 18, 2019
Location: Rutgers Business School Rooms 608 & 609

9:00-9:15 AM: Day 1 Summary and Day 2 Welcome
Presenter: Mike Barnett

9:15-10:15 AM: A Global Perspective on CSR
CSR Standards and Practices Around the World
Presenter: Petra Christmann, Rutgers Business School, Chair, Department of Management and Global Business

10:15-10:30 AM: Break

10:30 AM - 12:00 PM: Keynote Speech
Embedding Corporate Social Innovation
Presenter: Gary Cohen, Executive Vice President, Global Health, and President of the BD Foundation (Becton, Dickinson and Co.), is RICSI’s Founder and a distinguished alumnus of Rutgers Business School

12:00-1:00 PM: Lunch

1:00-2:00 PM: Partnering for Greater Impact
Managing Stakeholder and Supply Chain Relationships
Presenter: Kevin Lyons, Associate Professor of Professional Practice

2:00-3:00 PM: CSR Measurement, Reporting, and Ranking Systems
Understanding the Numbers
Presenter: Divya Anantharaman, Associate Professor and Robert J. Boutillier Endowed Faculty Scholar

3:00-3:15 PM: Break

3:15-4:15 PM: CSR as a Career
Insights into Managing a Career in CSR
Presenter: Jeana Wirtenberg

4:15-5:00 PM: Wrap-up, Conclusion, Certificates
Presenter: Mike Barnett, Joanne Ciulla