Part-Time MBA Proficiency Requirements

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All incoming students entering the Part-Time MBA program are expected to be competent in calculus and statistics. 

Prior to orientation, all students will take an online pre-test for calculus and statistics.  

If the student passes both exams, they will have met the proficiency requirements.

If the student does not pass one or both exams, the student is required to attend a workshop for calculus and/or statistics, depending which proficiency was not satisfied. The workshop(s) will take place prior to the start of the term (summer entry students will take the workshop(s) with the fall entry students). After the completion of the workshop(s), students will need to pass the post-test(s) in order to have met the proficiency requirements. 

*Note that the workshops will be recorded, and students will have access to the recording as a refresher.

If the student does not pass the post-test(s), the student will use the recorded workshop(s) or use a tutor to prepare to re-take the post-test(s) one more time. If the student still does not pass the proficiency test(s), the student will need to take the course(s) at Rutgers University or a local community college and achieve a grade of “B” or better. An alternative will be to take an approved course from an online provider. Reach out to your program advisor for details.