3rd Online Doctoral Workshop on Supply Chain Analytics

Join us in the Third Online Doctoral Workshop on Supply Chain Analytics on June 1st, 2022.

01 Jun
Price: FREE

Online via Zoom or WebEx

Objective: To prepare Ph.D. students for the academic job market and help junior faculty with teaching, research and tenure.

Format: One day, online, no registration fee.

Schedule Topics Presentations & Videos 
8:50-9am Welcome and Opening Remark Petra Christmann : Professor and Vice Dean for Faculty Affairs and Research (Video)
Morning 1st session 9:00am-10:30am Getting the right job! (Factors for your advantage):
  • 2022 academic job outlook
  • Job preparation
  • The employer perspectives …

Feryal Erhun : Introduction and Opening remark (Video)

Ming Hu: Getting the right job (PPT, Video)

Gah-Yi Ban: Getting the right job! (PPT, Video)

Jay Swaminathan: Video

Panel 1 discussion: Video
Morning 2nd session 10-30am-12pm I got my dream job. Now WHAT? (Transitioning to a faculty member):
  • Change of focus
  • Managing multiple demands - teaching, research, service
  • Work-life balance
  • Independent work vs. working with senior faculty
  • Working with PhD students
  • Building institutional and societal knowledge …

Li Chen: Introduction and Opening Remark (Video)

Manoj Malhotra: Transitioning to a faculty member (PPT, Video)

Wedad Elmaghraby : Video

Tinglong Dai: Increasing Visibility in the Field (Video)


Panel 2 discussion: Video

Afternoon 1st session 1:30pm-3pm Developing a teaching portfolio:
  • From methodology to applications
  • Audience focus
  • Managing course delivery using multiple pedagogical tools
  • Recent development in teaching Supply Chain Analytics …

Asoo J. Vakharia: Introduction and Opening remark (PPT, Video)

Ananth Iyer: Building a Teaching Portfolio – Some Thoughts (Video)

Subodha Kumar: Developing a Teaching Portfolio (Video)

Apurva Jain: Metrics for Success – Do I need to be a great teacher? (Video)

Yao Zhao: Teaching Supply Chain Analytics – From Problem Solving to Problem Discovery (PPT, Video)

Panel 3 discussion: Video

Afternoon 2nd session 3pm-4:30pm Developing a research portfolio:
  • Successful research models / stories
  • Thematic focus
  • Supply Chain Management: From roots to contemporary problems
  • Importance of conference and journal service
  • How to identify a high-impact research topic …

Srinivas Talluri: Introduction and Opening remark (Video)

Sunil Chopra: Doctoral Workshop (PPT, Video)

David Simchi-Levi: The MIT Data Science Lab – Theoretically Elegant & Practically Relevant Research (PPT, Video)

Kalyan Singhal: Production and Operations Management – Expand Boundaries of the Field (Video)

Sridhar Tayur: Developing a Research Portfolio (Blog, Video)

Tava Olsen: Developing a Research Portfolio (PPT, Video)

Hemant Bhargava : Video

Panel 4 discussion: Video

Distinguished panelists: We are excited to have Professor Gah-Yi Ban (University of Maryland), Department Editor of Management Science, Professor Hemant Bhargava (University of California - Davis), Deputy Dean Sunil Chopra (Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University), Professor Tinglong Dai (Johns Hopkins University), Professor Wedad Elmaghraby (University of Maryland), Professor Esma Gel (University of Nebraska-Lincoln), EIC of Naval Research Logistics, Professor Ming Hu (University of Toronto), Professor Ananth Iyer (Purdue University), Professor Apurva Jain (University of Washington), Deputy Editor and a Department Editor of Production and Operations Management, Professor Subodha Kumar (Temple University), Dean Manoj Malhotra (Weatherhead School of Management, Case Western Reserve University), Area Editor of Operations Research, Professor Tava Olsen (University of Auckland), Professor Pelin Pekgun (University of South Carolina), the EIC of Management Science, Professor David Simchi-Levi (MIT), Professor Kalyan Singhal (University of Baltimore), Professor Jay Swaminathan (University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill), Professor Sridhar Tayur (Carnegie Mellon University), Professor Yao Zhao (Rutgers University), and many esteemed faculty and colleagues (to be announced upon confirmation) to share their perspectives. Ph.D. students and junior faculty from universities around the world are welcome to join us.  

Organizing committee: Drs. Li Chen (Cornell University), Feryal Erhun (University of Cambridge), Srinivas Talluri (Michigan State University), Asoo J. Vakharia (University of Florida), Yao Zhao (Rutgers University).

For more information, please contact: Dr. Yao Zhao (Web, LinkedIn).

Registered participants attention:
  • Solicitation of questions: if you can provide your questions in the Google-Doc below before the workshop, we will share them with the panelists so they may be better answered.
    Solicitation of Questions on Google Docs
  • Conference link and password: If you are registered or serve as a panelist, we will send you the link and password to the meeting. If you cannot find them, please double-check your spam or trash for "3rd online doctoral workshop”.

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For more information, please contact:

Dr. Yao Zhao (Web, LinkedIn).


This event is free.