Rutgers EMBA students.


Executive MBA

The Economist

2018 - The Economist ranks Rutgers Executive MBA #45 in the world and #27 for U.S.-only schools.

Other program highlights include:

  • #10 ROI based on the percentage increase on pre-EMBA salary on graduation in the world
  • #11 in number of industry sectors from which students applied in the world
  • #15 in student diversity in the world
  • #23 in student rating of faculty in the world
  • #26 in career progression in the world

Financial Times

2018 - Financial Times ranked the Top 10 business schools in select categories and Rutgers EMBA excelled in the following academic areas

  • #2 in Economics
  • #3 in Corporate Strategy
  • #3 in Statistics
  • #10 in Manufacturing/Logistics

Overall Rutgers EMBA ranked #22 for U.S.-only schools and #89 globally moving up two places from 2017 Other highlights from the ranking for U.S.-only programs include:

  • #15 in salary total (US$) 3 years after graduation
  • #16 for career progress
  • #18 in salary increase (%)

2017 - Financial Times ranks Rutgers EMBA #5 in Economics globally, #23 overall in the U.S.; #14 in total salary three years after graduation; and #15 in percentage salary increase.

2016 - Financial Times ranks Rutgers EMBA #7 in Finance in EMBA programs globally, #10 in Salary Increase, #11 in Total Salary, #13 in Aims Achieved, and #15 Overall in US-EMBA programs.

2015 - Financial Times ranks Rutgers EMBA #6 in Career Progress, #9 in Salary Increase, #5 in Big Ten Conference, and #21 overall in US-EMBA programs.

2014 - Financial Times ranks Rutgers EMBA #8 for Salary Increase, #16 in Total Salary, #4 in the Big Ten Conference, and #20 overall in US-EMBA programs.

2013 - Financial Times ranks Rutgers EMBA #2 in the world in Economics.

2013 - Financial Times ranks Rutgers EMBA #6 in the US in Career Progress, #20 in the US in Total Salary, and #19 overall in US-EMBA programs.

2012 - Financial Times ranks Rutgers EMBA #23 in all US-EMBA programs.

2011 - Financial Times ranks Rutgers EMBA #3 in Economics, #7 in Strategy, and #10 in Career Progress. (View Rankings Chart)

Business Insider

2016 - Business Insider ranks Rutgers Business School number 9 in The top 10 colleges for jobs on Wall Street.

CEO Magazine (London)

2018 - Rutgers EMBA is ranked #11 in the world

2017 - Rutgers EMBA ranked No. 15 Globally by CEO Magazine (London).

2016 - Rutgers EMBA rated as a Tier One program in the Global EMBA rankings from London-based CEO magazine. This is their top EMBA ranking, and a new ranking for REMBA

Military Times 

2016 - Rutgers Business School Ranked #3 in “77 Best for Vets: Business Schools 2016”. Read more about it here.


2016 - Eduniversal’s Best Masters 2016 ranks Rutgers Executive MBA Program #28 in “Top 200 Best Masters in Executive MBA & MBA part time” Global Ranking

Ivy Exec

2019 - Ivy Exec ranked Rutgers Executive MBA No.1 in the world for life balance.

2019 - Ivy Exec ranked the Rutgers Executive MBA program No. 20 in the world, placing Rutgers EMBA No. 6 in the northeast U.S. and No. 3 in the Big Ten.

2018 - Ivy Exec ranked the Rutgers Executive MBA program #3 globally for strong career services.

2018 - RBS Executive MBA “Powerhouse” is recognized as the No. 3 EMBA program for Executives in the Government and Nonprofit Sectors

2018 - Rutgers Executive MBA program is ranked #5 in the Northeast and #15 globally. A significant rise from the already-great 2017 rankings of #7 in the Northeast and #44 globally.

2017 - Ivy Exec, a high-end Executive Search agency based in Manhattan, ranks Rutgers EMBA #7 in the Northeast and #1 In LIFE BALANCE. Team EMBA is especially proud of this ranking given the frenetic pace of work-life these days, especially out here in the Northeast. 
Regional rankings include; #7 in Career Advancement; #8 For Curriculum and Global Experience; #9 In Prestige

2016 - The Ivy Exec reported that Rutgers EMBA scored exceptionally well in “Reputation/Institutional Prestige” and “Career Advancement”, at #26 and #28, globally, respectively.  Please visit Ivy Exec for more details and information on all six ranking categories. 

Ivy Exec’s The Best Bang for Your Buck: Weighing Tuition Against ROI for EMBA Programs “Rutgers Business School, about 20 minutes from Manhattan, also provides commuter access to the Big Apple while offering a competitive tuition and return on investment. With a price tag of $92,043 and an average post-graduation salary boost of about 49-percent, Rutgers could offer EMBA program participants a much stronger value than the Stern School.”

Bloomberg BusinessWeek

2014 - Bloomberg Business ranks Rutgers EMBA #26 overall. (2014 is the last year that these rankings were compiled).

2013 - Executive MBA moves into top tier of Bloomberg Businessweek world rankings.

Poets and Quants

2019 - Poets & Quants ranks Rutgers EMBA #24 in the U.S. in their annual report of the nation’s top Executive MBA programs (2/7/19). This places RBS-EMBA #4 in the Big Ten and #9 among public universities in the U.S. [see PQ ranking report].

2013 - The EMBA rankings by the Poets and Quants for Executives combine some of the major rankings of EMBA programs worldwide by constructing a weighted index to provide a global and a truly composite ranking. REMBA came in at # 31 in the world.

U.S. News & World Report

2012 - Rutgers was recently ranked #10 on a list of the top #13 business schools that awarded at least 10 college and graduate degrees to America’s leading executives by U.S. News & World Report. (View Rankings Chart)

The Wall Street Journal

2010 - The Wall Street Journal ranks Rutgers EMBA #21 among the Best Executive MBA Programs and #1 in Administrative Support (2010 was WSJ's last year for EMBA rankings).

2009 - The Wall Street Journal ranks Rutgers EMBA #8 in the U.S. in 5-year Return on Investment. (View Rankings Chart)

Read the recent WSJ interview with the EMBA Director, Farrokh Langdana here.