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Executive MBA
About Professor Mark Castelino:

When the stock market has one of its convulsions, most of us EMBAs immediately think of our guru, Mark Castelino, and what he taught us. He is a natural teacher with his effortless style and total mastery of the subject. After I graduated from Rutgers EMBA, I fired my financial advisor and cancelled my two (expensive) financial newsletters. All I need now to manage my portfolio are Professor Castelino’s notes, and the REMBA financial calculator that I really learned to use in his classes!
About Professor Loubna Erraji:

Professor Erraji is an absolute asset to the Executive MBA program at Rutgers University. She is approachable, knowledgeable, and places great effort in assisting her students to excel. I feel incredibly fortunate to have had her as an instructor and for her assistance since graduating.
About Professor Suresh Govindaraj:

I will never view a financial statement in the same way again. His courses changed all that. His approach is totally case-based, with cases (all financial statements from actual companies) sometimes just a few weeks old! Suresh is totally brilliant, his courses are tough, he packs in the material, he is intense, and he has an amazing sense of humor. In fact we have a list of ‘Sureshisms!’ A 3-hour class zips by leaving you exhausted and exhilarated at the same time.
About Professor Barry Karafin:

I was honored and humbled that our group received the Karafin Strategy Award yesterday! Thank you again for always challenging us. The level of critical thinking that you demanded from us is exactly what I sought when I joined the program. The balance of content between theory and real world application was especially valuable.
About Professor Farrokh Langdana:

Thanks again for a great semester, Prof. Langdana! I’ve learned more economics (and history) in this one class than I have throughout my entire undergrad and graduate level education. Please let me know if there are any other classes I can take with you!
About Professor Rosa Oppenheim:

Dear Rosa,
This may be over 20 years late; but I really need to thank you. I was a medical practitioner and teacher transitioning to management when I took my EMBA. I subsequently became Regional Medical Director at CIGNA, and for 13 years Chief Medical Officer for Medicare for Aetna. In this capacity I was able to create new programs and approaches to medical management that had real impact on Health Policy. In 2002 we created the first large scale program to ID and manage Advanced Illness that showed dramatic impact. Encouraging and facilitating this is now national policy. In 2005 I created one of the first programs in Provider Collaboration, which likewise showed real impact. This concept is now Accountable Care. What you taught was helpful. Learning to understand techniques and "thinking" management enabled me to lead teams that resulted in programs with real and lasting impact. In summary - a belated "thank you."
About Professor Jing Suk:

I work for a data-driven company that relies heavily on a web-based portal for its business. Professor Suk's course on Web Analytics has started a movement in our business development division to pace it at a whole different level. All eyes are on me to leverage the power of big data through web analytics. This course empowered me to look behind the scenes of the online world, and I am hoping that this will lead to that "big transition" at work that everyone dreams about.
About Professor Ignacio Vijil-Cabrera:

Professor Vijil-Cabrera’s contribution to the Rutgers Executive MBA Program is much more than academics. As a past graduate of the REMBA Program he can directly relate to the class as students, as well as fellow working professionals. He teaches in such a way that every lesson is extremely engaging and is directly applicable to whatever industry or field you are in. These lessons are vital when you are a mid-level/senior executive or an entrepreneur, like me.

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