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Executive MBA Alumni Benefits & Events

The Power of Connection

We take networking seriously in the Rutgers Executive MBA program.

From the moment you join the Powerhouse, you are connecting with those around you and those who've gone before you. That's the benefit of being part of a program filled with experienced professionals and executives—the REMBA Alumni Networking Upgrade.

This isn't your average networking experience. This is about building a powerful and dynamic community committed to helping one another succeed.

EMBA Alumni Event

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The in-person Rutgers EMBA alumni event was a resounding hit!  Almost 100 Powerhouse alums attended Prof. Langdana's 3-hour macroeconomics seminar: The Macro Outlook starring Biden, Reagan, Adam Smith, Trump, Milton Freidman, Cournot-Nash, and a host of other supporting characters!

The session also included several in-class exercises where the participants analyzed some very recent WSJ articles, just like they did in class!  The message was that after about 20 years, budget deficit non-sustainability is an issue again in the US, and President Biden will have to look closely at entitlements and the EV and Green subsidies to cut back spending.  Either address this issue or risk another and more dangerous round of increasing inflation.

Economics in Rutgers EMBA, The Powerhouse, taught by Prof. Langdana and by Prof. "Nacho" Vijil, has been ranked in the top three globally for four years in a row by Financial Times and in the Top 10 in the world over 10 times (again by FT).  In fact, Rutgers EMBA is now the #2 EMBA program in North America in the CEO Magazine (London) ranking (#8 globally), based on a survey of global CEOs.

Of course, at the alumni event, there was time for a LOT of networking and lunch featured the legendary Powerhouse menu, where the new Powerhouse Lasagna (breaded eggplant plus potatoes and other veggies in a spicy cheesy base) was curated by Sandy and Chef Mark of Encore especially for the occasion, along with salmon with a creamy mustard sauce, and beef bourguignon that was made better than even in France!

The Executive Brief (Alumni Updates)

A channel for alumni to stay connected and engaged and share success stories. Our newsletter includes the latest updates about the program, alumni and students’ promotions and success stories, as well as the program’s latest events, school news and career resources.

Webinar: Prof. Langdana's Macroeconomic Outlook for Spring 2023. Will President Biden have the “Luck of the Irish?”

EMBA alumni are among healthcare workers battling Covid-19

patrick caubelI would not have been able to reach the C-suite without the education I received at RBS in the EMBA Program.

- Dr. Patrick Caubel, RBS EMBA ’04 Chief Safety Officer, Pfizer

At a recent national nursing conference called ACDIS (Association for Clinical Documentation Integrity Specialists), 3,000 nurses, doctors and other allied health professionals, I met an advanced practice nurse from the University of Chicago. When we had the chance to network, I said I was so glad to meet someone from a prestigious academic medical center, after all, I received my EMBA from Rutgers in New Jersey…before I could finish my sentence, she exclaimed, Rutgers! You are from Rutgers? That’s really great! I will be so glad to learn from YOU this week — YOU are the top of the TOP! She went on about our Rutgers EMBA programming and how the University of Chicago has been looking to innovate the way Rutgers has done.

Melanie Halpern is a clinical documentation improvement specialist with focus on patient safety and high reliability organizations at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center, RWJ Barnabas Health.
—  Melanie Halpern, EMBA Class of ‘99

Ukachi Anonyuo: Rutgers Executive MBA and How Her Career Has Grown

Networking Events

Opportunities to network within the EMBA program and Rutgers Business School abound. Here's a sampling of our EMBA-exclusive opportunities. 

Recently Emba alumni and current students alike enjoyed their first post-covid in-person networking event at 1 Washington, Newark.  Prof. Ignacio “Nacho” Vijil-Cabrera joined us in Newark all the way from Madrid, Spain, to deliver a powerful, two-part interactive and applicable lecture on "Designing an Effective Career Management Strategy by Leveraging your REMBA Program," and then after lunch: "How to Deploy Pricing Strategy in a World of Inflation---and Live to Talk about it."
Days after the event, at lunch, a 2nd year EMBA student told Prof. Langdana:  " I am just about to make a huge transition from a Financial Leadership position at a high-level fragrance/cosmetic company in Manhattan, to a similar position in Healthcare with the potential for a very significant increase in salary.  I know now exactly which buttons to press---what exactly to say---in the negotiations to make this happen to the maximum extent possible.  Thanks to Nacho and his session on Career Strategy, courtesy, Rutgers Emba!

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EMBA Annual Family Days

Rutgers EMBA -- The Powerhouse -- conducted one of its famous in-person REMBA Family Days. Prof. Langdana delivered a 3.5-hour session specially for the attendees on Macro Analysis, in which he managed to cover soft-landings, inflation and also the recent so-called banking crisis.  The event was a major success with over 35 in attendance—spouses, partners, and even kids and parents!

Langdana: "We even managed to analyze two WSJ articles---one just from 2 weeks ago---and everyone was heavily engaged! All were on FIRE! The kids and the parents also were nailing it. C-bar was off the charts!"

Many of the family members then stayed through lunch and joined their EMBAs in class in the afternoon by attending our Dr. Ben Sopranzetti's superb Financial Strategy course; the topic was one of his favorites, Executive Financial Negotiations.
Thanks to Team Emba's Ozgur Yaglidere for helping to make the day run like clockwork!  

Now check out the photos—courtesy of Ozgur---and please be in them when we have our next alumni event!

Welcome to the Powerhouse.

EMBA family event

Powerhouse Series

Throughout the year, our EMBAs are invited to attend the Powerhouse Series, a compilation of certificate offerings and informative panel discussions on the latest trends and topics.

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EMBA Golf Classics

Golf events are organized by the current classes and alumni, and are held at local golf courses. 

Golf is followed by dinner and, of course, vigorous networking all day! Often, golf classes for first-time golfers are also arranged.  If golf is not your thing, students and alumni may attend only for dinner and networking.

Rutgers EMBA Summer Meet and Greet!

Superb day at the Rutgers EMBA 'Meet and Greet" at the Readington Brewery in bucolic Hunterdon County. It was so good to see the Big Engine Room alumni of the Rutgers Executive MBA Powerhouse again! We had over 100 in attendance! If you missed it, you MUST make it next year.

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EMBA students among small group of MBAs and other graduate students meeting Warren Buffett.

Rutgers Business School Community

As a Rutgers Executive MBA student, not only do you have access to EMBA-exclusive events, you are part of the greater RBS community and have access to attend many other events and workshops outside of the program.

Thanks for two great years that will continue to have an impact on my life till the day I die. I have met such a wonderful group of people that I will be friends with for life—that have common interests, goals—and I am sure we will be in touch forever. It is too bad there are no ROI measures for that ...
—  Brad Kinnas, EMBA alum