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Doctors boost careers with a Rutgers Executive MBA

Rutgers EMBA typically boasts 1-5 doctors per class. The medical profession is undergoing significant changes, as doctors now have to oversee all aspects of their own private practices. This includes managing marketing, HR, waiting time, profitability, compliance, and analyzing financial statements. Many doctors are, in fact, making a huge transition from medical practice to running hospitals, managing hospital finances, heading-up HMOs, working for pharmaceutical companies and becoming Chief Medical Officers.

With its highly nimble and constantly adapting curriculum and the unrelenting emphasis on the “real-world” applicability of all the course material, Rutgers EMBA is the logical platform to allow doctors to adapt and thrive in their rapidly changing world.

Covid-19 breakthrough research from our very own Rutgers EMBA Powerhouse Doctor, Jeffrey Jhang, Icahn School of Medicine, Mt. Sinai Hospital System, New York. Dr. Jhang was one of the two "Best and Brightest" graduates of Rutgers EMBA in the national Poets and Quants listing.

Update from Prof. Langdana: Not only did Dr. Jhang develop his highly successful test for Covid, but he was also featured in the New York Times twice as well as the Smithsonian Magazine and the NBC Today Show. Dr. Jhang was also one of the two-star Rutgers Embas featured in Poets and Quants, "The Best and the Brightest EMBAs.”

Dr. Jhang's interviews: 

Dr. Noah Goldman graduated from EMBA while Covid was raging. In addition to dealing with the stress of the pandemic while on the front lines of defense against the virus, getting a massive promotion at work, and then a career transition, he also excelled in the EMBA program---a truly Herculean achievement! Best & Brightest Executive MBA: Noah A. Goldman, Rutgers Business School.

Dr. Elizabeth Martin called it right while in China with the EMBA program pre-Covid. Something was not right and the medical news in the Chinese papers was not making medical sense. Being an infectious disease specialist, she rapidly became the in-house pandemic guru for The Powerhouse during the pandemic. It was no surprise that she would be in the Best and Brightest at Poets and Quants!

Leadership Lessons from the Frontline of Healthcare.  

This new exciting and invaluable addition to the first semester Leadership course features a module by Dr. Josh Bershad, the Executive Vice President of RWJBarnabas, CMO at Rutgers Athletics, Board Member of Rutgers University, and speaker extraordinaire!

Health Care legend at Rutgers EMBA.   

Dr. Marc Klapholz, a veritable legend in the field of healthcare and a graduate of The Rutgers EMBA Powerhouse is actively involved in the ongoing evolution of the Rutgers EMBA program. At a recent high-level conference on Transformations in Healthcare conducted by the Rutgers EMBA Program for its large numbers of healthcare professionals, Dr. Klapholz, who chairs the Department of Medicine at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, moderated the first panel. The discussion on the impact of technology and data innovations on treatments, clinical research and new health care models was jaw-dropping! The legions of superstar doctors that he has trained, continue to be his ongoing legacy to Rutgers EMBA.

Professor Farrokh Langdana with health care professionals, including several Executive MBA alumni, during a March 15 symposium.
Dr. Kalpholz is third from left. 


New Jersey Top Doctors

Rutgers EMBA Doctors setting the trend

New Jersey Monthly Magazine published its annual list of "Top Doctors in New Jersey" and three Rutgers EMBA Doctors were on this list: Dr. Clifford Sales, who specializes in Vascular Surgery at Overlook Medical Center; Dr. Eric Seaman, who specializes in Male Infertility at the Urology Group of New Jersey; and Dr. Jacqueline Williams-Phillips who is the Medical Director of the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at Bristol-Myers Squibb Children’s Hospital at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in New Brunswick and is also an Associate Professor of Pediatrics at UMDNJ-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School.

Please read more about how three of New Jersey's top doctors bolstered their careers with Rutgers Executive MBAs.

Virtually every Rutgers EMBA course has elements of Finance, Marketing, Supply Chain, Strategy, Global Business, Technology, Leadership, Big Data, etc., embedded in cases and classroom examples.

This is after all, New Jersey, and for those who would like "above and beyond" courses in Pharma/Healthcare, the below superb courses offered by RBS (in the evenings) are some suggestions.

US Healthcare System and Pharmaceutical Managed Care Markets (second semester)

Prof. Gary Branning is a star. He does a thorough and very current overview of our healthcare system, and how pharma fits into it all, from a medical, social and economy standpoint. This is a very interactive class, taught in collaboration with the students, and that encourages thinking.

"I found it challenging in a good way, and in a safe environment," comments Dr. Alina (EMBA) who transitioned from practicing medicine to being Executive Medical Director, Medical Affairs at CVS after graduating from this program.

She adds, "This course also features one well-chosen guest speaker in EACH lecture, so participants get a wide exposure to executives from the industry. This is a class I would recommend for anyone, even if they do not want to do the pharma concentration. Very high value-add."

Legal, regulatory and ethical issues in the pharma industry.

This is a necessary course in order to get a good understanding of the field. Best of the 3 professors is attorney Mrs. Reig. Three deliverables, one for each professor.

Managing the pharmaceutical sales organization

While this is may be a labor-intensive course with four deliverables – an article review, a group presentation, an industry paper and a final exam, this course is high value-added and again, necessary for pharma sales.

Other related and notable courses in the RBS part-time program

  • Pharmaceutical structure – issues, structure and dynamics
  • Pharmaceutical marketing research
  • Pharmaceutical product management

EMBA Alumni Doctors

Maninder (Dolly) Abraham, M.D, SFHM - REMBA

Life-changing story due to Dr. Dolly Abraham

By Prashant Patel, REMBA 

Maninder (Dolly) Abraham, M.D, SFHM - REMBA 2016

Maninder (Dolly) Abraham, M.D, SFHM - REMBA. Chief of Hospital Medicine for the entire RWJBH health care system, overseeing all hospital medicine programs

I still remember the words of Prof. Lewis Kerman: "Be kind to each other, be supportive and exhibit class camaraderie." I want to share with you a life-changing story for me and my family and exemplary selfless act of one of my classmates, Dr. Dolly Abraham, REMBA.

We learned that the cause of my perfectly healthy and non-smoker father's sustained cough was highly possible lung cancer. My father's PCP advised us to find a thoracic surgeon to perform biopsy to conclusively identify the type and stage of cancer. I struggled to find a surgeon that had any immediate availability.  As you can imagine, my family and I were in the state of shock, disbelief and quite frankly confused about what was going to happen to my father. I called Dr. Dolly Abraham for guidance on what to do. Her support, patience, willingness to help and availability to talk to her at any hour of the day gave me an instant confidence that my father will receive the best care in the world and he will be OK. Without hesitation, Dolly went to work and coordinated appointments with top doctors in the area.

It has been 7 months since the diagnosis and treatment of my father with chemo. My father has attained near complete response to the chemo and has continued with his maintenance chemo. Even to this date, Dolly takes personal interest to ensure my father has the world class care so that his continues to enjoy his quality of life with us. I must say I am very fortunate to have a classmate and a friend like Dolly who has helped me personally and professionally through the darkest time of my life last semester. She is a prime example of Lewis' mentioned class camaraderie.

The Patel family will never forget Dr. Dolly Abraham and the fact that I met her through Rutgers EMBA program. To put it in EMBA lingo, ROI for REMBA has already been achieved for us.

Dr. Eric Lazar, REMBA

 Dr. Eric Lazar REMBA Class of 2016

Ethical behavior is not an afterthought

Dr. Eric Lazar REMBA. Program Director and Attending Pediatric Surgeon at Atlantic Health System/Morristown Medical Center

Rutgers has a great business school based on a lot of data and metrics but I think if we ranked ethical business schools we would be number one on every list. Each professor emphasizes ethical behavior not as an afterthought or with a wink but imbedded in the teaching. Prof. Mark Castelino shared his objections to commodity Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). What a stunning revelation about the man. I bet no one at the other big EMBA programs in the Tristate area has his fiber.

Dr. Joshua Bershad

Joshua Bershad, MD, MBA

Recent promotion

With the merger of RWJ and Barnabas health systems, Dr. Joshua Bershad, REMBA was recently promoted to Executive VP and Chief Medical Officer.

Joshua Bershad, MD, MBA. Executive Vice President & Chief Medical Officer RWJ Barnabas Health. Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

Dr. Alina Neuberger

Dr. Alina NeubergerRutgers EMBA Doctor at CVS Health

Dr. Alina Neuberger is a Family Medicine physician by training who embraces the business side of medicine, understanding that the healthcare delivery is just one facet of a broad continuum. She obtained her EMBA at Rutgers Business School in order to more deeply explore how the pieces of the healthcare market interconnect. Since graduation, Dr. Neuberger joined the largest healthcare company in the country by revenue, CVS Health. As Executive Director for Medical Affairs, she focuses on enhancing the quality of services provided to millions of patients and members. Dr. Neuberger leads a team of physicians who oversee Clinical Strategy for both Caremark and the enterprise. She remains patient-centric and value-driven, as she looks forward to the next phase in healthcare, encompassing disruption, integration, transparency and sustainability.

"Countless times, I was queried by family, friends, and acquaintances as to why pursue an MBA? What could it add to my existing career? My Rutgers EMBA experience taught me how to adapt and leverage my medical skill set, as well as build new networks, which has enabled me to serve more people than I would have without it. It’s been a career catalyst." 

- Dr. Fareeda Hosein

Dr. Andrew Evans, EMBA named Associate Vice Chancellor for Clinical Innovation and Data Analytics

“It would not have happened without EMBA”

Dr. Jeffrey Jhang - Poets & Quants Best and Brightest