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Leadership and Management Major

Undergraduate Program in Newark

The Field

The Management and Global Business department equips students with the tools, skills and understanding needed to manage and lead businesses in our globally integrated economy. Management is the act of orchestrating people and other resources to accomplish desired goals and objectives efficiently and effectively. With a focus on organizations and employees, managers are involved in planning, organizing, staffing, controlling and leading the enterprise. Students develop skills to be not only how to be effective managers, but also to be effective leaders.

Because management is the fundamental discipline used in all businesses, the leadership and management major is beneficial for students as their prime major. Because management is necessary not only at the top of the enterprise but in all its business functions, student pursuing other majors, including finance, accounting, supply chain, marketing, information systems, analytics, will benefit with management as a dual major with their prime major.

The department also offers specialized courses in the field of international business and entrepreneurship to prepare future leaders for the global economy. In a global economy, the success and survival of companies is dependent on their ability to expand into new markets and develop new businesses with new products and services. Companies are looking for professionals who understand the importance of global reach, and can help firms succeed in global markets.

Career Paths

Management careers are found in all industries, because expert management is essential to the success of all businesses. Management and Global Business graduates find work after graduation in a variety of supervisory and management trainee and associate positions. These positions include for example: customer service managers, strategy and business analytics associate, business development specialist, product and brand management associate, and team leads in cross-functional teams. Graduates specializing in international business find employment in multinational companies involved in import and export business as well as foreign companies operating in the United States.

Managers are hired to play a variety of roles which require a solid understanding of functional areas as well as leadership and decision making capabilities. These managers support the work of people who specialize in a functional area such as accounting, marketing, finance, or supply chain. Managers coordinate specialist activities and build cooperation in and among the functions.

Sample Occupations

  • Supervisory/Management Trainee
  • Function Manager
  • Account Executive
  • Store/Branch Manager
  • Credit Manager/Loan Officer
  • Entrepreneur
  • Family-owned Business Manager
  • Strategy Analyst
  • Property Manager
  • Business Consultant
  • Business Development Analyst


Compensation of Management and Global Business graduates depends on the industry, type of job, and other functional specializations.

How to Apply


RBS Core Courses (42 Credits)

Course Credits Notes and Prerequisites
29:010:203 Financial Accounting 3  
29:010:204 Managerial Accounting 3 Prereq: 29:010:203
29:011:301 Foundations for Your Career Journey 1  
29:011:302 Building Your Brand 1 Prereq: 29:011:301
29:011:303 Conquering Your Transition 1 Prereq: 29:011:302
29:623:220 Management Information Systems  3  
29:623:340 Business Research Methods 3 MIS and Statistics
29:623:311 Production & Operations Management 3 MIS and Statistics
29:522:334 Ethics in Business OR 29:010:319 Business Law 3 Prereqs: 355:102, 220:101&102 & 29:010:204
29:390:329 Finance* 3 Prereqs: All Business Foundations Courses Including Calculus
29:620:301 Intro to Management 3  
29:620:302 Management Skills 3  
29:620:368 International Business 3 Prereq: 29:620:301
29:630:301 Intro. to Marketing 3  
29:799:301 Intro. to Supply Chain Management 3  
29:620:492 Business Policy and Strategy 3 Prereqs: Finance, Marketing, Management, Supply Chain Management, and 86+ Earned Credits.
Credit Total 42  


Required (3 credits)

Course # Title CR
29:620:410 Executive Leadership  3

Electives (12 credits)

At least 6 credits of:

Course # Title Cr
620:362 Effective Leadership Communications 3
620:330 Women Leading in Business 3
620:320 Cross Cultural Management 3
620:350 Negotiations 3
620:370 Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Management and Organizations 3
620:430 Team Building & Group Processes 3
620:487 Special Topics Management Consulting 3

Other courses (up to 6 credits)

Course # Title Cr
620:355 Managing Technological Innovation: In-House Entrepreneurship 3
620:345 Management of Human Resources 3
620:402 Global Management & Strategy 3
620:486 Special Topics in the Music Industry 3
620:493 Special Topics in Sports Business 3
620:498 Independent Management Projects 3
382:302 Introduction to Entrepreneurship 3
382:303 Managing Growing Ventures 3
382:350 Social Entrepreneurship 3
382:340 Creativity, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship 3
382:342 Urban Entrepreneurship and Economic Development 3
382:360 Technology Ventures 3