Business Analytics Concentration

Undergraduate Program in New Brunswick

In addition to its Business Analytics and Information Technology (BAIT) Major, the Management Science & Information Systems (MSIS) department offers two three-course concentrations. The intention of these concentrations is to allow students not majoring in BAIT to add a field of secondary expertise to their transcripts, complementing their major area of study, without having to take the full complement of seven extra courses required to double-major in BAIT.

The concentrations are applicable only to students in the RBS undergraduate New Brunswick program whose major is not BAIT. Such students are advised to select one of the two concentrations; selecting both concentrations requires six additional courses, in which case it is recommended that the student take one further course and thus qualify for a major or double-major in BAIT. Also note that if both concentrations are taken, Data Mining for Business Intelligence (33:136:494) cannot be double counted.

The Concentration's Structure

Required (6 credits)

Course # Title CR
33:136:400 Business Decision Analytics under Uncertainty 3
33:136:485 Time Series Modeling for Business 3

Electives (3 credits)

Course # Title CR
33:136:494 Data Mining for Business Intelligence 3
33:136:450 Investment Modeling With 'R' 3
33:136:487 Large-Scale Business Data Analysis 3
33:136:486 Optimization Modeling 3
33:136:405 Risk Modeling 3