Direct Admissions from High School

Undergraduate Program in New Brunswick

Offers of admission to Rutgers Business School’s Undergraduate–New Brunswick Program (RBSNB) will be made to high-achieving high school students. High school seniors apply online on the Undergraduate Admissions website.

Entrance requirements
English: 4 years
Foreign Language: 2 years of one language
Mathematics: 3 years, including algebra I, geometry, algebra II
Science: 2 years
Other Courses: 5 other academic courses
Total: 16 academic courses

For a list of other entrance requirements, please visit the required credentials section of the admissions website.

Students admitted directly from high school will be guided to complete the six pre-business courses during their first year and the first semester of their sophomore year at the Rutgers Business School-New Brunswick. Since it is important for Rutgers Business School-New Brunswick students to maintain the high standards for which the program is noted, these direct-admit students will be required to maintain a minimum grade-point-average of a 2.500 by the end of the first semester of their sophomore year in order to declare a business major and begin taking business courses during the second semester of their sophomore year at the Rutgers Business School-New Brunswick.

High School Coursework

Under New Jersey state law, approved courses in high school may be taken for college credit. Students should consult with an academic advisor at the Business School to determine if these courses qualify for credit at Rutgers Business School and if they provide an adequate background as a prerequisite to the next level of coursework at Rutgers.

Please note that for courses taken at NJ community colleges while the student is in high school or courses taken at the high school and recorded on a college transcript, cannot be used to determine course equivalencies. Some courses with Rutgers equivalents in may actually transfer in as elective credit only, or may not transfer at all if taken while the student was in high school. It is important to send all transcripts of college-level coursework to the Business School Office of Undergraduate Programs for a complete evaluation. These transcripts would not be evaluated until the student’s first semester at Rutgers.

For students who complete courses in high school that are reported on a college transcript, a maximum of 12 credits may transfer to the Business School, with no more than two courses in a given semester.

For questions about dual enrollment credits, please contact the Rutgers Business School Office of Undergraduate Programs at or 848-445-3600.