Transfer Eligibility Requirements

Undergraduate Program in New Brunswick

Course Requirements

In order to be eligible for admission for fall 2024, applicants must have completed a minimum of an equivalent to Precalculus 01:640:115 (4 credits) and two of the six pre-business courses listed below with grades of at least a “C” by the end of the spring 2024 semester: 

  • 33:010:272 Introduction to Financial Accounting
  • 01:198:170 Computer Applications to Business
  • 01:220:102 Introduction to Microeconomics
  • 01:220:103 Introduction to Macroeconomics
  • 01:640:135 Calculus I (3 or 4 credits) 
  • 01:960:285 Introductory Statistics for Business

Once a student is admitted to Rutgers Business School Undergraduate - New Brunswick, they must complete all six pre-business courses with grades of “C” or better before they may declare a major.  Students planning to declare a major in accounting must have completed Intro. to Financial Accounting with a minimum grade of “B.”

Students completing any of the six pre-business courses at schools other than Rutgers University-New Brunswick should determine the transferability of the course before enrolling in the course. If the course does not transfer as an equivalent to the Rutgers-New Brunswick course, the course will not satisfy the eligibility requirement for Rutgers Business School: Undergraduate - New Brunswick admission.

Students who must repeat pre-business courses originally taken at Rutgers University-New Brunswick in which they received less than a grade of “C” may only repeat these courses at Rutgers University-New Brunswick. This policy also applies to prospective accounting majors who received less than a grade of “B” in Intro. to Financial Accounting.

Students may apply for admission only if they anticipate completing 24 or more Rutgers credits (sophomore standing) by the end of the spring 2024 semester. Please note that we will accept spring 2024 transfer students to the New Brunswick campus with only 12 Rutgers credits.

Cumulative GPA Requirement

Because admission to Rutgers Business School Undergraduate - New Brunswick is highly competitive and the number of applications and spaces available in the school may vary from one application cycle to the next, the cumulative grade-point average needed for admission may also vary from one application cycle to the next.

RBS will recognize credits earned by students upon completion of an Associate's Degree from a community college. However, once students begin their studies at RBS, credits will not be transferable from that institution or any other community college.

​*Students who hold Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degrees are not compliant with the New Jersey State-Wide Transfer Agreement (NJSWTA).