Transfer from Schools Outside of Rutgers​

Undergraduate Program in New Brunswick

Students from other colleges or universities outside of Rutgers University who are interested in transferring to the Rutgers Business School-New Brunswick (RBSNB) may apply to transfer directly into the RBSNB for fall 2024 online. RBS New Brunswick accepts external transfers for the fall semester only.

To be eligible, students must have completed a four-credit Rutgers-New Brunswick equivalent to 01:640:115 pre-calculus and the equivalent of two of the six pre-business courses by the end of the spring 2024 semester.

Pre-Business Courses

  • 33:010:272 Introduction to Financial Accounting (3)
  • 01:198:170 Computer Applications for Business (3)
  • 01:220:102 Introduction to Microeconomics (3)
  • 01:220:103 Introduction to Macroeconomics (3)
  • 01:640:135 Calculus I (4)
  • 01:960:285 Introductory Statistics for Business (3)

Admission is competitive, based on a limited number of seats available. Therefore, the criteria outlined below are minimum requirements and do not guarantee admission to the Rutgers Business School-New Brunswick undergraduate program. A specific cumulative GPA at the time of application will also be required. It is the student’s responsibility to be familiar with all relevant information. Summer 2024 coursework will NOT be included in the review.

The Rutgers Business School: Undergraduate-New Brunswick offers six majors leading to the Bachelor of Science degree: accounting (010), business analytics and information technology (136), finance (390), leadership and management (620), marketing (630), and supply chain management (799). Please note, students entering the Rutgers Business School will not be able to declare a business major until ALL of the eligibility requirements have been successfully completed.

Students applying for transfer from a New Jersey Community College

NJ community college students should check equivalencies for their courses at the NJ Transfer website. Students can transfer in a maximum of 60 credits to RBS New Brunswick from an NJ Community College.

Students who are applying for transfer with an Associate’s Degree should follow the following checklists to make sure the degree is NJSWTA compliant:

(Please note that when you are using the checklists, each course can only count for one requirement. One course cannot be used to meet multiple requirements.)

Once a student graduates with an Associate’s Degree from a community college, RBS does not accept any additional classes or credits taken at that school or any other community college.

Questions about the transfer application process may be directed to the Rutgers Business School New Brunswick Office of Undergraduate Programs at (848) 445-3600.