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Attention First-Year Students!

Learn about Rutgers Business School- New Brunswick, the admissions process, the student experience and more through our On-Demand Open House video.

Our admissions officer and students give you an overview of why so many students make RBS their school of choice.

Complete Your Final Steps to Become a True Scarlet Knight

Recorded Sessions

Missed one of our live sessions? You can view a recorded version of the event, or find out more information about the program on our website.

Accounting Major

Are you interested in Accounting?  In this session, we’ll discuss the many career options available in the field. Get a preview of the classes you would take and the skills you would learn in this major.

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Prof. Sarah O’ Rourke

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Business Analytics & Information Technology Major

Learn about the Business Analytics and Information Technology major, also known as BAIT. BAIT is Rutgers Business School’s quantitative and computing major. It covers information technology, data analysis and decision support, which are becoming more strongly intertwined and are essential components of the modern enterprise. This session will take you through the major requirements and potential internships and careers offered to our BAIT majors.

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BAIT (Business Analytics & Information Technology)

Prof. Wajahat Gilani

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Entrepreneurship Concentration

Do you want to change the world? Do you want to create a major innovation in technology, finance, or a new product or service that billions of people must have or maybe tackle world hunger, income inequality, poverty, illiteracy, or health care access?  The Entrepreneurship Concentration at Rutgers helps to teach you the basic skills and mindset to help you identify major opportunities, form a team, work with advisors and mentors, create and pitch a compelling story- even expose you to potential opportunities to get your venture funded.

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Alfred Blake, Asst. Director of Entrepreneurship Programs

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Finance Major

Listen to what it is like to be a Finance major at RBS. Learn about the finance curriculum, internships, and full-time job opportunities our students pursue and The Road to Wall Street program. Besides hearing from a Professor, a current Finance student will be on WebEx to answer questions about his experience as a Finance Major. 

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Prof. Ron Richter

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First-Year Presentation

Meet your Business School-New Brunswick freshman advising staff, and listen to a short info session on what your curriculum will look like, in the freshman year. You will also hear about exclusive opportunities for freshmen only and have a chance to participate in a question and answer session, via the chat feature on WebEx.

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Q&A With Your RBS First-Year Advisors!

Dean Kerstin Schnatter

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Leadership & Management Major

The Leadership & Management major equips students with the necessary tools and skills needed to manage and lead in the globally integrated and digital economy. Specialized courses are also offered in international business and entrepreneurship to prepare future leaders. Management careers are found in all industries, with roles related to strategy, business analytics, business development, technology and innovation, area and brand managers, and team leads in cross-functional teams.

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Innovation & Entrepreneurship / Leadership & Management

Prof. Mukesh Patel

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Living-Learning Communities

Rutgers offers our incoming first-year and transfer students a multitude of living-learning community offerings. Students in living-learning communities will enjoy the benefits of sharing common residential and academic experiences while making new friends, exploring common interests and being a part of a close community of peers. Learn more about the eligibility and application guidelines for the learning community of your choice. 

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Living-Learning Communities (Business and Entrepreneurship)

Ariel Leget, Asst. Director of Living-Learning Communities


Marketing Major

The Marketing major Admit Day meeting will provide an opportunity for students and families to learn some very basics of the Marketing curriculum and the wide array of courses offered, and careers to consider. After a short presentation, Professor Kalan will open up for Questions and Responses. Kalan, an award-winning faculty member, has been at RBS for 12 years and as a Professor of Professional Practice brings a “real world” background and professional experiences perspective.

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Prof. Marc Kalan

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Office of Career Management

Learn about The Office of Career Management, meet the team and some current students. See how they will help you with internships and full-time employment after you graduate!

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RBS Office of Career Management

Jim King & Gino Gentile, Office of Career Management

Session Not Recorded. For information, please visit this page for more information.

Real Estate Concentration

Come learn about the Real Estate program at RBS!  We will talk about the kinds of jobs available in the field, real estate classes taught at RBS, and scholarship and mentoring opportunities available to RBS students.

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Real Estate

Prof. Morris Davis

Session Not Recorded. For information, please visit this page for more information.

Student Engagement, Mentoring & Careers

This session will focus on the rich and dynamic student experience at Rutgers Business School. Participants include program directors, students, and professionals, who will all share information on our vibrant student clubs and organizations, leadership opportunities, and how RBS provides lasting and meaningful connections with business professionals and global businesses through its mentorship and career development programs.

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RBS Student Engagement, Mentoring & Careers

Dean Sangeeta Rao


Supply Chain Management Major

So what exactly IS Supply Chain, anyhow?

  • Supply Chain Management (SCM) is the way business gets done.
  • SCM is on the leading edge of technologies and major innovations.
  • Employers are having trouble finding enough SCM talent – which translates into JOBS.
  • Rutgers Business School’s SCM Program is ranked #2 in North America!

Join this WebEx session to find out more and get your questions answered!

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Supply Chain Management

Prof. Dan Klepacki

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Newly Enrolled First Years

Already Enrolled? Learn your next academic steps, as newly-enrolled incoming freshmen.

Transfer Student Information Session

If you are transferring from a school outside of Rutgers, we have information specifically for you. Take a look at the presentation for more information.