Leadership Skills Concentration

Undergraduate Program in Newark

Students pursuing the Leadership Skills concentration are required to take 3 courses (9 credits). The courses include one requirement (3 credits), one elective that must be chosen from a list of two (3 credits or 6 credits if both are taken), and if needed, one extra elective from a list of courses offered by the department (0-3 credits).

Required (3 credits)

Course # Title CR
29:620:410 Executive Leadership 3

Electives (3 to 6 credits)

Select at least one of the following two (may select both):

Course # Title CR
29:620:362 Effective Leadership Communications 3
29:620:350 Negotiations 3

Electives (0 to 3 credits)

If needed, select one of the following:

Course # Title CR
29:620:330 Women Leading in Business 3
29:620:430 Team Building and Group Processes 3
29:620:370 Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Management and Organizations 3
29:620:320 Cross-Cultural Management 3

*Leadership & Management majors are not eligible to pursue the Leadership Skills concentration