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Michael Barnett


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Michael L. Barnett is Professor of Management & Global Business at Rutgers Business School – Newark & New Brunswick. His scholarship focuses on how firms' stakeholder management practices influence their reputations and financial performance and affect society. He has won numerous awards for his scholarship, to include the...

Faculty Spotlight

Chao C. Chen

Distinguished Professor

Professor Chen is a Distinguished Professor of Organization Management and Global Business. He has published over 70 journal articles and book chapters and edited books in diverse areas of cross-cultural management, leadership, organizational justice, Chinese management, and business ethics. His works appear in premier management journals including the Academy of...

Faculty Spotlight

Joanne B. Ciulla

Professor and Director of the Institute for Ethical Leadership

Joanne B. Ciulla is a pioneer in the field of leadership ethics. Her research focuses on the ethical challenges of leadership. She has also written extensively on topics in business ethics such as meaningful work. Before joining RBS, she held the Coston Family Chair in Leadership and Ethics at the...

Faculty Spotlight

Wayne Eastman

Professor and Director of Academic Integrity

Professor Eastman has published articles in business ethics, management, and law journals. His academic research program focuses on business ethics, with emphases on how moral emotions help people solve social games, solution concepts for two-person games, ideology, and value diversity. Currently, he is working with others to develop a new subfield, critical business ethics...

Faculty Spotlight

Robert Hughes

Associate Professor of Professional Practice

Professor Hughes is a moral and legal philosopher working on ethical questions that arise in business and other economically important institutions, such as the financing of health care. His recent research topics have included the ethics of obeying the law, the possibility of non-coercive or less-coercive law, and the question...

Faculty Spotlight

Jerry W. Kim

Assistant Professor

Jerry Kim is an Assistant Professor of Management and Global Business at Rutgers Business School. He teaches innovation management and technology strategy in the MBA program, and was selected as “Professor of the Year” by the MBA class of 2018. Prior to joining Rutgers in 2016, he was an Assistant...

Faculty Spotlight

Jeffrey Robinson

Provost & Executive Vice Chancellor, RU-Newark; Prudential Chair in Business, RBS

Jeffrey A. Robinson, Ph.D. is an award-winning business school professor, international speaker and entrepreneur. Since 2008, he has been a leading faculty member at Rutgers Business School, where he is a professor of management and entrepreneurship and the Academic Director of The Center for Urban Entrepreneurship & Economic Development and...

Faculty Spotlight

Tobey Karen Scharding

Assistant Professor

Professor Scharding specializes in business ethics and using ethical theories to guide managerial decision-making, particularly as regards business innovations and new business trends such as cryptocurrencies and artificial intelligence. Her research applies ethical theories from philosophy to managerial decision-making with an aim of enhancing managers' abilities to evaluate the ethics...

Faculty Spotlight

JC Spender

Emeritus Research Fellow

The IEL is pleased to announce the appointment of John-Christopher (JC) Spender as its first Emeritus Research Fellow. This position is for retired scholars who have had distinguished academic careers and are still actively engaged in research that is related to ethics and leadership.

Spender's professional career began in nuclear...

Faculty Spotlight

Danielle Warren

Professor I

Professor Warren’s main contribution to scholarship lies in advancing our understanding of why deviance arises in business settings, how to evaluate it, and how to deter destructive deviance while promoting constructive deviance. She builds upon both normative and descriptive theory and conducts quantitative as well as qualitative research on sanctioning...