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Mini-MBA: Digital Supply Chain Management

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Advances in technology are radically impacting global supply chains transforming how businesses manage their own organizational and supply chain structures.

For those who manage critical, multi-step stages of operations, it can be overwhelming to keep pace with changes that are happening to every link in the supply chain while continuing to create value for the company. Our Mini-MBA: Digital Supply Chain Management will help you understand the digital impact on processes, identify where your organization is vulnerable to disruption, and leverage new technological solutions to business integration.

The Mini-MBA™: Digital Supply Chain Management certificate program, is led by a team of top industry experts and faculty from Rutgers Business School Supply Chain department and will present a new business model for Supply Chain in a Digitized Network. Through case studies, interactive sessions, and class exercises, participants will learn about the latest research, future trends and best practices in the industry.

Program Benefits
  • Learn how to better manage the critical roles of business operational components, including logistics, procurement, inventory and vendor management.
  • Gain new ways of managing, integrating and analyzing the comprehensive inputs into the chain.
  • Learn from industry experts who are fluent in the modern tools of supply chain processes and will focus on real-world application, not just business theory. 
Program Outcomes
  • Modernize your process by employing a holistic strategy. Learn how to map across process ecosystems for better prediction of disruption, and implement solutions that can avert impact on production.
  • Elevate your contributions across the organization with clear articulation of the critical impact of efficient operational processes, including increase in revenue, improved customer experience and greater visibility.
  • Communicate to stakeholders the complexity and commercial impact of successful supply chain management, the ROI of mastering digital flow, and the bottom-line impact of sustainable delivery systems.

About the Rutgers Mini-MBA

Rutgers Mini-MBA™ programs bring practitioners from different organizations and industries together in a rich and diverse learning environment, designed to develop skills and capabilities through the powerful combination of expert class instruction and peer interaction. Participants can earn a variety of credits and certifications from RBSEE programs, including academic graduate credit from Rutgers Business School.

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I feel that the Mini-MBA is a great way to gain additional exposure to current industry trends .It gives you a much broader understanding of economic impacts, as well as new technologies, with respect to omnichannel and the entire global supply chain eco-system.
—  Lori Ciculya, Verizon

Faculty Spotlight

Eric Larson

Assistant Professor of Professional Practice

Eric joined the faculty at RBS following a 32-year career in industry and consulting. Prior to academia, he worked in industry as a manufacturing engineer with General Electric Company and then as a marketing manager with Digital Equipment’s Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) Product Development group. For over 20 years he...

Who Should Attend

For those in a supply chain, operations or leadership role, this is a unique opportunity to update and broaden your knowledge of the new technologies impacting supply chains and complex operational processes.

Additionally, anyone who wishes to enter the supply chain management discipline, or have a related background in areas such as project management, communication, technology, accounting or logistics will improve their understanding of digital advancements available to specific links of the chain, as well as a more holistic view of the end-to-end process.


Featuring [10] modules (each covered in [3.5] hours), this program will empower you with critical knowledge of tools and processes key to successful supply chain management. Topics include:

  • The Impact of Global Economics. Manage the globalization of supply chains. Leverage technology to identify new sources of revenue, gain a clear vision of where demand is emerging, and see how best to source supply.
  • Building Resilient Organizations. Design organizations that can respond quickly to disruptive events by improving recovery rate and minimizing impact to your company’s success.
  • The Green Value Chain. Implement green initiatives that can raise productivity, enhance customer and supplier relations, support innovation and propel new growth.
  • Innovation and Agile Development in a Digital Age. Evolve from a plan-then-execute philosophy to a constant cycle of innovation and refinement. Understand the risks and rewards of product creation and R&D in the digital age.

Full Curriculum

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