Rutgers Executive MBA students in China.

Executive MBA: The International Experience

After many years of visiting China and then Denmark+Greece, the Rutgers EMBA Powerhouse will now be visiting exciting Vietnam. This highly vibrant economy may currently be where China was about 15 years ago.  As new global supply chains quickly re-route themselves to include Vietnam, so will our Executive MBAs for their 3-credit summer overseas seminar course. More current details at the EMBA Open Houses. Please register to attend one.

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The Trump administration’s trade war---now continued by the Biden administration---has had some unexpected benefits; Vietnam has boomed! The tariffed Chinese exports were simply -re-routed through Vietnam to avoid the taxes. (This “transshipment” will be discussed in your Trade class.) Vietnam’s economy, thanks to its location at the cross-roads of global supply chains, has taken off. In addition, the so-called US-China “decoupling” has placed Vietnam at the epicenter of the new manufacturing and supply-chain hub.  

To appreciate the challenges and vitality of the Vietnamese economy first-hand, Rutgers EMBAs participate in a 10-day summer residency program in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon). The course includes business visits, seminars with key international business and government officials (both U.S. and Vietnamese), and day trips. You will witness first-hand the energy, complexity and dynamism of the upcoming Vietnamese economy, along with the challenges and opportunities for U.S. business in Vietnam.

Halong Bay, Vietnam

Program Details

Rutgers EMBAs visit Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City (HCBC, formely Saigon) in early June, following their first year in the program.

The base cost for this program is included in your program fee. The only thing you’ll have to cover is your round-trip airfare between the U.S. and Vietnam, your visa fee and meals on open days while on the trip.

REMBA alumni pose for a picture

Past itineraries have included business visits to:

Pharmaceutical companies, healthcare establishments, manufacturing sites that have included electronics, computers, textiles, garments, SUVs, aircraft, visits to IT companies including social media houses, finance headquarters as well as stock exchanges, marketing companies representing a range of sectors and marketing strategies, and highly ranked universities and government sectors.

    one-pillar pagoda

    Cultural visits with local guides:

    •  The One-Pillar Pagoda
    • Halong Bay
    • Ngoc Son Temple
    • Cu Chi tunnels (from the Vietnam war)
    • Hanoi and Saigon old towns and visits to their French sectors.
    Rutgers EMBA students in China.
    The international trip is like the culmination of everything you've learned up to that point. There was that moment overseas where you had an opportunity, away from home, away from the stresses of work, to think about what this program really meant to us and what we could do with it.
    —  Edward Groh, VP & Senior Counsel - Labor, Employment & Litigation, Raymour & Flanigan
    Chinatown, Ho Chi Minh City