Non-Matriculating Students

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A non-matriculating student is a student who intends to apply to the Part-Time MBA program and is allowed to begin taking classes before applying for full admission. As a non-matriculated student, you can earn up to 12 credits toward your degree.

To be considered, you must submit an online application along with your unofficial undergraduate transcript and a copy of your resume.

Non-matriculating applicants

  • Must have a minimum 3.0 undergraduate GPA
  • Are strongly encouraged to have at least two years of full-time work experience
  • Must not have already taken the GRE or the GMAT. If you’ve already taken these exams, you cannot apply as a non-matriculating student and must apply as a regular, Part-Time MBA student. If your score is not in range, you should retake the exam.

If admitted as a non-matriculating student, you may:

  • Take core and foundation courses at our off-campus locations in Jersey City or Morristown or, space permitting, at our main campuses in Newark and New Brunswick.
  • Attend class for two consecutive semesters or take up to 12 credits, whichever comes first.
  • Apply any credit you receive as a non-matriculated student toward your part-time MBA degree if you are admitted as a matriculated student.

Students enrolled as non-matriculated students must still meet all admission criteria required for the Part-Time MBA program in order to become matriculated students.

*Please Read, Important Disclaimer: You have 8 years post completion of your non-matriculate course(s) to apply, be admitted, and officially matriculate into our MBA Part-Time Program. Should you exceed this given timeframe, any earned credits will be forfeited and deemed non-applicable to the program when seeking admission.

Please note that international students are not eligible for non-matriculated status.

Visiting Students

Students matriculated in other AACSB-accredited MBA programs can apply for admission under this category. Admission is granted on a space-available basis. Applicants must present a letter from the dean or academic advisor of the sending school granting permission to enroll at Rutgers Business School and listing the courses acceptable to that institution for transfer. No more than 12 total credits are allowed to be taken and completed for transfer back to the home school where you are earning your graduate degree.

Non-matriculated and visiting students are not eligible for financial aid.


If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Graduate Admissions at (973) 353-1234 or