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Mini-MBA for Engineers and Technology Managers

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17 Sep
12 Week Program


In today’s corporate environment, those who specialize in engineering and technology management, must master cross-discipline concepts and contribute to multifunctional teams. Technical expertise, while vital, is not enough for long-term career success.

Our Mini-MBA for Engineers and Technology Managers offers the opportunity to expand your contribution beyond technical solutions to robust leadership. Master the nomenclature and understand the methodology that will enable you to ask the right questions and provide effective solutions. Gain a critical understanding of key areas such as human resources management, marketing strategy, and negotiation techniques, resulting in a well-rounded, overall strategy for success.

Program Benefits
  • Tailored specifically to professionals in engineering and technical sciences. Provides important business skills in an efficient, intense format that will translate to immediate practical application.
  • Learn business management methodology and theory from thought leaders in this discipline who also have practical industry experience. 
  • Learn in a rigorous university environment and earn a program certificate as well as academic credits that can be applied toward future education goals.
Program Outcomes
  • Understand how to align technical outcomes with broader organizational goals. Demonstrate more multidisciplinary leadership that balances technological experience with business management.
  • Become a more integral partner across departments. Be able to analyze and problem solve in ways that couple your traditional expertise with cross-functional perspective. 
  • Express to stakeholders the ROI of engineering and technological contributions using business terminology that will resonate with those from non-technical backgrounds.

Along with mastering new skills, our Mini-MBA credential comes with:

Executive Education Certificate


To remind you of your accomplishment
Mini-MBA for Engineers and Technology Managers

Digital Badge

To make others aware of your accomplishment
Graduation Cap


To give you a head start toward earning a graduate degree in the future

Defining the Mini-MBA

Dive deeper into the makeup of the Mini-MBA and what makes this credential unique and beneficial in support of lifelong learning.

Faculty Spotlight

Mike Moran

Instructor of Professional Practice

Mike Moran is an expert in digital marketing, search technology, social media, text analytics, and web metrics. He is a Certified Speaking Professional and recognized keynote speaker worldwide.

Mike serves as a senior strategist for Converseon, an AI-powered consumer intelligence technology and consulting firm. Mike is also the Chief Product...

Who Should Attend

This program is ideal for those with professional experience and an advanced degree in a technical field who wish to add business management theory and skills to their resume. It is also valuable to those early in their career as technical experts who wish to integrate traditional business analysis into their daily practice.

This course is especially well-suited for those who would like to learn to think through a business management lens, but would value doing so with others who share their engineering and technology-focused experience.


Featuring 10 modules (each covered in 3.5 hours), this program will enable you to understand important business management concepts that will complement your professional technical experience. Topics include:

  • Analyzing financial statements, including the balance sheet, the income sheet and cash flow statements
  • Understanding macroeconomics in a global economy, including multinational supply chains, R&D and international regulations
  • Creating the best possible customer experience by leveraging insight into product, consumer, and market considerations

Full Curriculum

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