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Leading and Managing a Multi-Generational Workforce

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For the first time in history, we now have five distinct generations in the workplace: Traditionalists - born before 1945; Baby Boomers – born between 1946 and 1965; Gen X - born between 1965 and 1977; Millennials – born between 1978 and 1995; and Gen 2020 (or Gen Z), the newest generation of employees entering the workforce – born after 1995.

Combine all these generations together and you’re bound to see sparks – in fact, 60% of employers report conflict and tensions in their workplace due to a multi-generational workforce. This, in turn, can affect worker retention, engagement and productivity; not to mention the stress it can place on the managers and leaders who are tasked with creating and maintaining high-performance teams.

This 3-day program will help you understand what makes these different generations tick, as well as highlight the common ground and points of parity despite generational categories. From these insights, we will discuss management frameworks, tools and opportunities to aid you in effectively leading multi-generational teams – whether small, medium, or large in size.

Program Benefits
  • Build your understanding of the different generations, and get hands-on practice to apply the lessons to your own work situation
  • Learn in a rigorous university environment from leading practitioners and academicians with practical experience, as you expand your network of industry experts
  • Earn a program certificate
Program Outcomes
  • Understand the specific differences among the five generations making up today’s workforce, i.e., who they are, what motivates them, and how to best communicate with them
  • Assess ways in which you can better engage staff and team members, and identify paths for career development
  • Hone conflict management skills in pursuit of team effectiveness
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Faculty Spotlight

Ramon Henson

Instructor of Professional Practice

Dr. Henson is an organization and management consultant with deep expertise and over 30 years of international experience in executive leadership development and global organization development. He currently heads Henson Consulting International, a consulting practice that focuses on helping clients with solutions to identify and develop leaders; engage and retain employees; improve...

Who Should Attend
  • Managers, directors and VPs
  • New managers looking for advice and tools on managing different generations (e.g., millennials managing traditionalists)
  • Those seeking to take on a more senior-level or leadership role within their organizations

This program features 18 hours of instructional content accompanied by group discussion, exercises and application to real-world case studies and business scenarios.

Topics covered include:

  • Understanding each of the five generations
  • Managing conflict and decision-making across these generations
  • Attracting, engaging and retaining multiple generations of talent
  • Building organizational networks and mentoring
  • Fostering collaboration and high performance in multi-generational teams

Full Curriculum

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