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Mini-MBA: Data-Driven Management

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Career success in the data space requires far more than just gathering and presenting data. It requires the ability to analyze and monetize data to make decisions and design goals that positively impact the organization. Simply put – it’s not the data but how you use it. The Mini-MBA in Data-Driven Management will provide business leaders with the knowledge, tools, and techniques to manage and use data to accelerate business opportunities in an evolving data landscape. Data management professionals will learn to complement important technical skills with the business tools and language to partner as a cross-functional thought leader.

Program Benefits
  • A unique opportunity for experienced professionals to learn how to complement technical skills with data-driven business strategy.
  • A curriculum led by industry experts who bring thought leadership and business strategy to real-world application. Gain new skills and permanently expand your professional network with these expert resources.
  • Learn in a rigorous university environment and earn a program certificate as well as academic credits that can be applied toward future education goals.
Program Outcomes
  • Efficiently “mine” through data for information that will be impactful on your organization. Invest in the right team, and choose effective data acquisition tools for maximum returns.
  • Become a business partner across your organization by communicating opportunities and identifying the commercial impact of strategically applying data outputs to market goals.
  • Articulate the critical importance of investment in modern data tools and processes to efficiently acquire current, relevant data. Quantify the ROI of data management on business results.

About the Rutgers Mini-MBA

Rutgers Mini-MBA™ programs bring practitioners from different organizations and industries together in a rich and diverse learning environment, designed to develop skills and capabilities through the powerful combination of expert class instruction and peer interaction. Participants can earn a variety of credits and certifications from RBSEE programs, including academic graduate credit from Rutgers Business School.

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Faculty Spotlight

Ronak Parikh

Instructor of Professional Practice

Ronak Parikh (@parikhronak) is a Product Manager for Amazon Advertising. Previously, he was Vice President of Product Management for Data Solutions at Merkle and the Product Director for Dun & Bradstreet’s (D&B) Audience Solutions, a suite of products aimed at digital marketing managers to get most of their...

Who Should Attend

The Mini-MBA in Data-Driven Management will enhance the careers of those with data management experience looking to complement their technical expertise with a strategic business outlook that can further their contributions across the organization. They will be empowered with the tools to help their organizations understand how this new reliance on data can improve decision-making and results, using business concepts and language familiar to non-technical stake holders.


Featuring [10] modules (each covered in [3.5] hours), this program will ensure participants gain key business skills that will enable a more strategic approach to the role of data management and its critical contribution to overall organizational success. Course topics include:

  • Current trends and laws around privacy and ethics including access controls, data storage laws, and anonymizing data
  • Using statistical concepts to form hypothesis testing that can gain insights into data
  • Learning to communicate the story of data to others in the organization by employing modern visualization techniques to convey those solutions
  • Using model creation, testing and operationalization to corral data inputs from a wide variety of sources, while keeping models and data current.

Full Curriculum

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